Congratulations to Brothers John Tucker and Don Marshall


Congratulations to Brothers John Tucker and Don Marshall, members of the Portland Valley for earning the coveted title of Albert Pike Fellows for successfully witnessing and in many cases participating in the conferral of all 29 Degrees of the Scottish Rite. Well done Brothers!

Portland Valley Scottish Rite Stated Meeting


Tuesday October 13th will be the October Stated Meeting for the Portland Valley Scottish Rite.

The Oregon Consistory will be opening in full form so all Scottish Rite members 32nd° and higher are welcome to attend. We will be balotting on petitions for membership and affilation as well as dicussing the upcoming events including the Honors Ceremonies and 2015 Fall Reunion.

It will also be Taco Tuesday with a Taco bar provided by Bridges Cafe & Catering of Portland. Dinner will be $10 per person.

5:30 pm Clarke Trust
6:00 pm Body Head Meeting
6:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Stated
Following the Stated there will be a KSA stated meeting and Squiring ceremony open to all KSA, KCCH and 33° members as well as a Social in the Membership Lounge.

Please contact or call the Valley office at 503-226-7827 for reservation for dinner.

Death Before Dishonor: the 29th Degree and a Reflection on Cheating

Masonic ashler

Those things that are most important in our lives cannot be “truly” obtained by shortcutting.

Last week I watched a documentary on the epidemic of cheating by college students. Some have purchased elaborate microphones and listening devices so that they can whisper the question into a tiny microphone and have someone else not even in the same building doing the answers for them and relaying it back to the student who is wearing a listening device that is so small it cannot be detected in the testing students ear.

More than 40% of students had admitted to cheating in college leaving me to believe that the number is much higher. When those that admitted to cheating were asked why, nearly all of them stated that the pressure of getting good grades has forced them to cheat in order to get access to the right jobs and graduate programs.

The problem with this type of cheating is that those cheating student who are getting their diploma will be one day be placed in their vocation and expected to perform at a level of competency that they have not yet acquired. Let’s presuppose that one of those cheaters is your doctor…do we really want him doing your operation. Given that 40% of students admit to cheating the possibility of your doctor being one of those students who cheated in order to get his diploma is pretty high.

All of us are very aware that the higher one moves up the social ladder the less likely they are to be held liable for their dishonest behavior. Nowhere do we see this more than in big business and politics. To this day nobody in the banking business that nearly destroyed the strongest financial system in the world in 2008 have even been charged with a misdemeanor. Even more recently the M. F. Global CEO Jon Corzine took over a billion dollars out of individual’s personal accounts and then gambled on Greek debt derivatives, leaving many of the investors without their money. Given that he is a personal friend of the President no charges have as yet been filed for this theft.

Entropy exists in every aspect of our world and those that build their lives upon a less than honorable foundation will find that the probability of chaos and deterioration upon their current environments will be greatly enhanced.

Lastly, we as Knights of the 29th degree believe that we are building a sacred temple within ourselves and its construction is far more important than a large house and a yacht to ski behind. We also know that this internal temple must be constructed with a solid foundation of finished ashlars, the ashlars take time and effort to chisel away the rough parts. It takes sweat, determination and the understanding that there is no shortcuts during the construction of this internal temple suitable for the habitation of God.


Larry Roberts 32°, Portland Valley Treasurer. Member of Modesto Lodge 206, Esoterika Lodge 227 and Research Lodge #198.

Illustrious Brother Edward D. Bednarz, 33° Has Been Called from Labor


My Brethren,
The roll of the workmen has been called, and one Master Mason of Beaverton Lodge No. 100 and member of the Portland Valley Scottish Rite, Illustrious Brother Edward D. Bednarz, 33°, has not answered to his name. He has laid down the working tools of the Craft and with them he has left that mortal part for which he no longer has use and traveled to that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns.

Illustrious Brother Ed passed on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. As further details are available updates will be posted.


Oregon Scottish Rite JROTC Award Program


This has been an outstanding year for the Oregon Scottish Rite JROTC awards program. We awarded twenty-one $500 checks to Cadets in the 11 JROTC high schools in Oregon. These awards are funded by the Portland Valley Scottish Rite Acacia Fund. The Awards are for excellence in Leadership, Academics and Community Service. The $500 Awards are presented by Scottish Rite Committee Representatives, from the Orient valleys and clubs, at JROTC High School Awards Ceremonies.

The JROTC Awards Committee members are:

  • Earl Tradup, Chairman
  • Eckhardt H. Gazow, Treasurer
  • Dave Johnson, Central Oregon Scottish Rite Club, Mountain View High Bend
  • Stuart Johnson, Central Oregon Scottish Rite Club, La Pine High
  • RWB Ron Terry, Central Oregon Scottish Rite Club, Redmond High
  • James Van Voorhees, Central Oregon Scottish Rite Club, Crook County High Prineville
  • George Trahern, Central Oregon Scottish Rite Club, Madras High
  • William O’Neill, Salem Valley, North Salem High, Lebanon High, Mc Nary High
  • Tommy Meyer, Klamath Falls
  • John Tucker, Portland, Oregon city High, Reynolds High Troutdale

In 2016 we hope to expand the Awards Budget with the help of donations from
Individuals, Valleys and Scottish Rite Clubs. In 2015 we received a $500 donation from the Eugene Valley.

I would personally like to thank all the Brothers who participated in this very successful year.

Earl Tradup
Chairman, Oregon Scottish Rite JROTC Awards Program

Wallace McCamant Bio


Wallace McCamant

Was born at Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania on September 22, 1867, “he is descended on his father’s side in the fifth generation from Alexander McCamant who emigrated from County Down Ireland about 1725 and who lived the last two years of his life in Salisbury Township Lancaster County Pennsylvania. On his mother’s side he is descended in the eighth generation from James Rollins (sometimes spelled Rawlins) who emigrated from Cornwall England in 1632 and located in New Hampshire. He is the son of Thomas McCamant who was Auditor General of Pennsylvania from 1888 to 1892.”[1] Wallace McCamant was the president of the Portland chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution in 1909 claiming his heritage in 1892 through his great-great grandfather James Graham, whose daughter Abigail married James McCamant. James Graham served in Col. Irwin’s Pennsylvania Regiment. He also claimed membership through his mother Delia Rollins’ grandfather Eliphalet Rollins.[2] Eliphalet was born in 1758 and enlisted in the island town of New Castle, New Hampshire. New Castle is the home of Fort William and Mary which “was the site of one of the first acts of the American Revolution. On the afternoon of December 14, 1774, colonists arrived aboard gundalows (sailing barges) and raided the fort. Severely outnumbered, Captain John Cochran and the fort’s five soldiers surrendered, whereupon the rebels loaded onto a boat 100 barrels of gunpowder. The boat was floated up the Piscataqua River and the powder offloaded for transport to inland towns, including Durham, where the ammunition was stored in the cellar of the Congregational Church. The next day, the colonists returned to the fort and removed 16 of the lighter cannon and all small arms. The gunpowder was used at the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill.”[3] In addition to being president of his local chapter, Bro. McCamant was President of the Chapter for the state of Oregon and also served as the National President General from 1921 until 1922.

“He received his early education at the public schools of Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, and graduated from the Harrisburg High School in 1884 and spent one year at the Harrisburg Academy at the same place. He entered Lafayette College in 1885 and graduated in 1888 with the degree of Ph. B,”[4] he was valedictorian of his class.

“He read law at Lancaster Pennsylvania with Messrs Brown and Hensel. Mr. Hensel has since been Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania and Mr. Brown is now one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Brother McCamant first came to Portland on the 30th of September 1890 and located in Portland for the practice of Law on the 14th of November 1890, he was employed as a law clerk by the firm of Gilbert and Snow; the junior member of the firm was appointed United States Circuit Judge on the 1st of April 1892 and on the first of September 1892 our brother became the law partner of Zera Snow and the partnership relationship continues to the present time.” [5] (1912)

He married Katherine S. Davis, April 25, 1893 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey and had two sons; Davis born on July 24, 1896, and Thomas born Dec. 7, 1901, both in Portland. Katherine was born in Easton, Pennsylvania on September 5, 1867. In 1899 Wallace built the McCamant family home at 236 King Street in which he resided until his death.

During the construction period of the Columbia Southern Railway and the Pacific Railway and Navigation Company lines he was general attorney for these companies. He has also been attorney for Wells Fargo Company on its express business in the States of Oregon and Washington for fifteen years last past. He is Attorney for the International Mortgage Bank of Appledorn Holland[6] During his private legal career McCamant appeared before the United States Supreme Court in Ross v. State of Oregon, 227 US 150 (1913).

He is by political conviction a republican and has been exceedingly active in work for the republican party. He took the Stump for Benjamin Harrison in the campaign of 1888 and has Stumped for every republican candidate for President from that date to the present time. He was a delegate to the Republican State Convention for Oregon in 1892, 1894, 1896, 1898 and 1900. He was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1896 and 1900. “On January 8, 1917, McCamant was appointed to the Oregon Supreme Court to replace Robert Eakin by Oregon Governor James Withycombe. Eighteen months later, McCamant resigned on June 4, 1918 and was replaced by Charles A. Johns.

In May 1925, President Coolidge appointed McCamant to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals while the Senate was in recess. However, when the Senate reconvened he was not confirmed and his time on the federal bench ended in May 1926. The lack of confirmation is partly due to McCamant’s support for Coolidge over Senator Hiram Johnson at the 1920 Republican Convention to select the Vice-Presidential nominee from the party. McCamant had been the delegate who first moved for the nomination of Coolidge after the Republican leadership had moved for and seconded Senator Irvine Lenroot of Wisconsin, which resulted in Coolidge’s ascension to the Presidency upon Warren G. Harding’s death. (McCamant was given credit for nominating Coolidge having read the nominating speech written by the Chairman of the Oregon Delegation John L. Rand, who had a sore throat.[7]) With the Senate not confirming McCamant, he became the first recess appointment to a United States Court of Appeals not to be confirmed by the United States Senate.”[8] He served as a justice of the State Supreme Court, on the federal circuit bench, and was master in Chancery of the U.S. District Court for 23 years.[9] He was a member of the Federal Commission and Chairman of the Oregon Commission for the celebration of the Washington Bi-Centennial.[10] In 1922, he dedicated the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider statue in Portland’s South Park Blocks.

He was a member of the Arlington University and Waverly Golf clubs. He was also a member of the Oregon Commandry of the Loyal Legion, also of the National Scotch Irish Society, the American Bar Association and the Oregon Bar Association. He has done considerable occasional Speaking and one of his addresses has been published in “Shurler’s American Oratory”.[11] He was also widely known as an author and historian.[12]

On Sept 17, 1936 Wallace and Katherine McCamant travelled across the Atlantic. They returned from Southampton, England on Nov. 27, 1936 on the S.S. “New York” arriving in New York City on Dec. 4, 1936.[13]


Masonic Service

Brother McCamant was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Willamette Lodge No. 2, between January and May of 1902. Brother McCamant was appointed Junior Deacon in 1903. He did not serve as an officer in Willamette Lodge between 1904 and 1920, after that it is unclear since the member rosters were no longer included in the Proceedings. As it is required that the Master of a Lodge serve at least one year as a Warden, he may have served as such between 1921 and 1931.

Much of his Masonic attention was directed towards the Scottish Rite. He attended the Scottish Rite Reunion in June of 1903 and was a member of the 1st Cathedral Class to receive their Degrees in the new Scottish Rite Temple at Lownsdale (15th) and Morrison. By the end of the year 1903 Brother McCamant became the Wise Master of Ainsworth Chapter Rose Croix No. 1, also playing that role in the 18th° at the Reunions. He continued in that position until 1936. He was the 39th Inspector General of Oregon, being made a 33° Honorary on January 24, 1912.[14] For his many years of faithful service Illustrious Brother McCamant was awarded the Scottish Rite Grand Cross of the Court of Honor on October 17, 1933.

He served as Grand Orator in 1926 under the Grand Master Edgar H. Sensenich.  He was a Charter Member and the first Master of Research Lodge of Oregon No. 198, in 1932. Brother McCamant was made Master of the Lodge in January of 1932 serving half his term while under Dispensation, and the other half after receiving the Charter in June of the same year. He did not hold office again in Research Lodge.[15]

On December 17, 1944, Wallace McCamant died and was buried at River View Cemetery in Portland.[16]

The “Oregon Mason” reported the following:

Oregon Mason JANUARY 1945 Vol. XXIII – No. 1 page 44.

PORTLAND lost one of its most distinguished Masons with the death Dec. 17 of Wallace McCamant, 33° and Grand Cross of the Court of Honor. Brother McCamant served 33 years as Wise Master of Ainsworth Chapter, Knight Rose Croix; a service unequalled in the history of the Portland Scottish Rite Bodies. He was one of three Oregon Masons ever to receive the Grand Cross of the Court of Honor, one of the highest honors in the Scottish Rite and one infrequently bestowed, The others in Oregon to be Similarly honored were Philip Schuyler Malcolm and Louis Gaylord Clarke, each of whom served as Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Oregon, It is believed that in no other state has more than one person been similarly honored. Brother McCamant, member of Willamette Lodge, was charter Master of Research Lodge of Oregon. He was a member of Sunnyside Chapter, RAM, and Washington Council, R&SM, also a Noble of Al Kader Shrine Temple.

Brother McCamant for many years took an active interest in politics. He was a friend of Governor Calvin Coolidge and by his unexpected nomination of Mr. Coolidge for the vice presidency probably was responsible for Mr. Coolidge’s later succession to the presidency.

President Coolidge showed his gratitude by appointing Brother McCamant to the U.S. circuit court in this district but the recess appointment was later refused confirmation by the senate because of objection by Senator Johnson of California, who was offended by Brother McCamant’s forthrightness, Brother McCamant served as associate justice of the Oregon supreme court in 1917 -1918. Funeral services were held in the Scottish Rite Temple. Dr. Paul S. Wright of the First Presbyterian, and Franklin C, Howell, 33° and past WM of Ainsworth Chapter Rose Croix, officiated. Part of the Scripture reading was from a book which Brother McCamant had always with him. Brother Howell had been a close legal and Masonic friend over a long period of years.



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About the author of this essay:


Michael D. Robinson 32° KSA, was the second Master Mason Raised in Esoterika Lodge #227, and the first member Raised in that Lodge to serve as Worshipful Master. He was elected Master in 2013 and 2014, and currently serves as Chaplin for that Lodge. Brother Robinson was appointed Historian for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Orient of Oregon in December of 2014, and Secretary of the Eugene Valley in March of 2015. He also serves as Historian for Research Lodge #198 and Eugene Lodge #11. He is the recipient of the “Novus Astorum” from the Scottish Rite in 2010, and the Hiram Award from Esoterika Lodge in 2012.

Brother Robinson has a degree in History from Colorado State University, class of 1982, and is a Historian, Genealogist, Certified Vertebrologist, Artist, Craftsman and Bishop Emeritus of the Essene Church.

You Are Invited to the 2014 Installation of Officers at the Portland Valley Scottish Rite


You’re invited to the 2014 Installation of Officers of the Portland Valley in the Orient of Oregon

Please join us for dinner, drinks and celebration as we install our newly elected and appointed officers

12 MAY 2014
From 6pm to 9pm

709 SW 15th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205


  • All guests are welcome
  • Officers please be in Tuxedo or Dark Suite
  • All others please be in proper Business or Evening attire

Portland Valley Scottish Rite News Blast April 27th, 2014


Chapter Header 2Brothers, Tuesday April 29th the Portland Valley will hold it’s Officer Elections. Please support your newly elected officers and the Portland Valley by attending this meeting. Dinner will take place at approximately 6 pm.


Please note the ‘flyer” for the Rainbow State Service Project. This year the project will benefit the OREGON SCOTTISH RITE CLINICS.

Upcoming Events Header 1


  • 4/29 – Special Business Meeting / Officer Elections
  • 5/06 – Blue Lodge / Scottish Rite
  • 5/13 – Business Meeting/Installation of Officers
  • 5/20 – 19th Degree Conferral
  • 5/27 – Review / Discussion 19th Degree

spring-reunion-2014 copy

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Petition for Membership


Click here to down load a copy of the Portland Valley Scottish Rite Petition for Membership: Scottish Rite Petition

Contact Information

Remember to make reservations for dinners by calling the office (By 10 am on the Friday before the event) (503)226-7827 or e-mailing

Dear Brothers, please take note of the new email addresses for the Portland Valley Business Workgroup.

  • (Brian McDowell) Portland Valley Personal Representative
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