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Articles by Worshipful Br. Commander Michael Robinson, 32°, K∴C∴C∴H∴, Scottish Rite Orient of Oregon Historian, Oregon Grand Lodge District Deputy (2016-18), Grand Historian of Oregon (2018-20), Lodge Historian of Research Lodge of Oregon No. 198, A.F. & A.M. of Oregon, and Past Master of Esoterika Lodge No. 227, A.F. & A.M. of Oregon.

1 Lemuel Lyon Bio

2 Oregon GL Story

3 Masonic Education

4 The Preparation of a Lodge History

5 Benjamin Franklin

6 Wallace McCamant

7 We Hear and See

8 Recovery of Thurston Lodge

9 Essenes lecture 3-20-10

10 Great Architect and Morals of Freemasonry

11 Dunn Easter April 1933

12 Capt John Couch story

13 Eugene Franklin Skinner 1809

14 Benjamin B. Beekman

15 Earl C Bronaugh both Sr and Jr

16 Eugene City Lodge Furniture

17 James Benson Underwood

18 Frelon Jesse Babcock Story

19 Martin Van Buren Brown Story

20 Thomas Clarkson Taylor

21 How the Story Happens

22 Captain Henry Colley Morrice

23 Walter T Peet

24 AG Walling story

25 John Richard Newton Bell

26 Jackson Lafayette Hall

27 William Grabach

28 The Morgan Affair

29 Berryman Jennings Story

30 Reading Masons and Masons Who Do Not Read

31 Keeping Lodge History

32 Joseph Alton Sladen Story

The story of Emil Weber part 1

Part 2 The Trial of Charles Olds

Part 3 The Second Trial of Olds

Part 4 The Supreme Court

Part 5 The 3rd trial of Olds

Part 6 The 2nd Supreme Court 4th trial of Olds

Part 7 Emil the Wicked his wives & Sandy Olds

The Story of Ivan J Smith

Nathan NeffArticles by Worshipful Br. Commander Nathan Neff, 32°, K∴C∴C∴H∴, Orient & Portland Valley General Secretary, Oregon Grand Lodge History Committee Member (2018-2020),  Member and Past President of the Oregon Lewis & Clark Chapter of the Philalethes Society,  Master of Research Lodge of Oregon No. 198, A.F. & A.M. of Oregon(2019-20), and Past Master of Esoterika Lodge No. 227, A.F. & A.M. of Oregon.

Chalk Charcoal and Clay

The Lodge and Beehive in Freemasonry

119th Anniversary of the Cornerstone Dedication of the Portland Scottish Rite

A History of the Scottish Rite in Oregon
A Rough Draft – History of Oregon Scottish Rite – 1990s – by unknown
© Portland Valley Scottish Rite/Scottish Rite, Inc. 2020

This is a rough draft of the History of the Scottish Rite written circa 1990. It chronicles many of the details of the Scottish Rite as it started on the West Coast of the United States in Oregon. It was created by an unknown author and provided as a gift to the Portland Valley of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S∴J∴, U∴S∴A∴.