February 2023 Message from the Deputy of Oregon

Scottish Rite Brethren,

I am a little late putting out the following information but some discretion was required.

Due to personal family issues, I will be moving from Sunriver to the Washington County/Portland Metro area. I will dearly miss the wonderful people and dramatic scenery of Central Oregon. I hope to complete this transition before Summer 2023.

Several changes have been introduced in the Valleys. In the Salem Valley there have been changes to all the Orient positions. In order to better utilize Valley resources Illustrious Dave Fuller, 33°, will concentrate on managing the Temple and the rental program. He has retired as Personal Representative. In the future he will retain the title of Personal Representative Emeritus. Illustrious Brother Dave has fulfilled many roles in the Salem Valley and has worked tirelessly to guide the valley through difficult times. I was remiss in not providing him the assistance he needed to better lead the Valley.  Going forward Illustrious Greg Jenkins, 33°, is appointed as Personal Representative; Scott Freeman, 32°, K.C.C.H., will assume the duties of General Secretary and Dave Fryday, 32°, K.C.C.H., will assist the Salem Valley as Treasurer.

In the Valley of Klamath Falls, Illustrious Lyle Logan, 33°, has retired as Personal Representative. In the future he will retain the title of Personal Representative Emeritus. John Monfore, 32°, K.C.C.H., is the newly appointed Personal Representative. Frank Drew, 32°, retains the position of General Secretary and Lance Lesueur, 32°, K.C.C.H., retains the position of Treasurer.  Illustrious Brother Lyle will still be called upon to mentor the Valley.

Illustrious Dale Vanderpool, 33°, has retired as the Orient Personal Representative. Illustrious Brother Dale has taken on a more active leadership role on the Board of our Speech and Language Clinics. The Orient Personal Representative position will not be filled at this time.

We are planning to have an Orient Leadership Conference on Saturday, July 15th, 2023, at the Portland Valley Temple. This will be preceded by a meeting of the K.C.C.H. members and 33° members on Friday, July 14th. Details of all meetings will be available soon.

Remember that two signatures are required on all checks. If a Valley has a special circumstance that would warrant a single signature this needs to be approved by the Orient C.F.O.

Please remember to register for Supreme Council’s VMAP.
The Orient has resources to help the Valleys develop a website and a calendar of events.

I strongly recommend that all Valleys participate in the Master Craftsmen Program. Please contact me if you need educational assistance to start the process.

Sincerely & fraternally,
Rick Komraus, 33°
Deputy – Orient of Oregon
Supreme Council, 33° | Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, USA | www.scottishrite.org

Deadline for Orient Education Foundation Scholarships March 1st, 2023

We just received word that the Orient of Oregon’s Education Foundation Scholarship application period is open but it’s also closing on March 1st, 2023. Sorry for the late notice but we were just informed.

For a little background the Orient of Oregon has an Education Foundation that annually awards scholarships. Applicants for Scottish Rite Scholarship assistance must be residents of the State of Oregon entering as undergraduates at an accredited college, university or trade school. Grants are made on the basis of student need. Consideration is also given for exceptional qualities of leadership.

Applications are available at https://orsrscholarships.com/

Orient of Oregon seeking applicants for Grand Commander’s Fellows Program

Planning for 2024, the Orient of Oregon is looking to expand our local members involved in the Fellows Program. If you or a member of your Valley is interested in participating please contact the leadership of your Valley in Oregon.

The Supreme Council’s Fellows Program is intended to expand education and communication within Scottish Rite. Thus far, almost a thousand Scottish Rite members have become Fellows.

In even-numbered years, each SGIG or Deputy who agrees to participate designates one or more Fellows from his Orient. Generally, such selections are made based upon the member’s perceived enthusiasm, dedication and eagerness to support the Rite. Each Fellow must agree to attend the in-person Fellow’s Workshop held in Washington, D.C. Valleys should consider receiving an oral report from each Fellow following his attendance at the in-person Fellows Workshop.

September 2022 Message from the Deputy of the Orient of Oregon

Scottish Rite Brethren,

Our Summer is drawing to a close. Soon we will be back to Labor. Somehow Labor and Refreshment seem the same to me.

A week ago, I returned from a visit to the House of the Temple. The visit was remarkable in many ways. Although the House of the Temple is an architectural marvel, the work that goes on behind the scenes is very remarkable as well. From computer services to building restoration the House of the Temple is staffed with creative and hard-working employees. It is hard to believe the many and extensive programs that are piloted and sustained at the House of the Temple. I know the money I give for the preservation of the House of the Temple is put to good use. Take the opportunity to view the YouTube videos, Facebook postings and Podcasts distributed from the Supreme Council.

I hope many of our members took the opportunity to watch the “Statement of Unity” signing ceremony which was broadcast from the House of the Temple on September 7th. This a was very historical event which strengthens our Fraternity.

We will hold an Orient workshop over ZOOM on October 8th. I hope this gives everyone enough time to prepare. I will be calling on members to “host” specific topics. The topics will include Membership, Masonic Education, Communications, Leadership, VMAP Program, Ritual, Building Restoration and Charitable Giving. If anyone has another topic which he considers important, please let me know. The link to register is included bellow.

I have appointed Nathan Neff as Orient Secretary. He has been doing this job for many years and the title will allow him the permissions he needs to serve the Orient more effectively.

We are still waiting for all the valleys to send in a calendar. If possible, the calendar should follow the Google format and extend at least six months. Please email it to secretary@portlandsr.com

The insurance inquiry sent by Ill. Jorge Franchi, 33°, Chief Financial Officer of the Supreme Council, needs to be completed by a Valley Officer. Please complete this form as soon as possible. Be as accurate as possible when completing this form. It is very important to get accurate information. Notify Orient CFO, Ill. Eric Gazow, 33°, when you have completed this form.

Thank you all for supporting Scottish Rite Masonry!

Rick Komraus, 33°
Deputy – Orient of Oregon
Supreme Council, 33° | Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, USA

Message from Chairman and Vice Chair of the Orient of Oregon Membership Committee

Greetings Brethren,
Because of this pandemic situation the membership of our fraternity has been negatively impacted. As Masons we are obligated to take measures to correct these problems. To accomplish this will require the cooperation and efforts of all Masons. It will be necessary for us to get back to grass roots Masonry, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to kickstart our great Fraternity.

I’ve considered and now suggest a few areas we need to concentrate on. We owe it to the fraternity to replace ourselves annually and whenever possible. We must contact our members to promote and restart Masonry again. One way to do this would be to give our line officers a list of members to contact, both to check on their well being as well as to encourage lodge attendance. Another method could be to establish Scottish Rite Ambassadors in each Blue Lodge to promote Scottish Rite Masonry.

Whatever methods taken will require action. Action from our Brothers, action from our fraternity, action from ourselves.

If any Brother would like to join me in getting this great Fraternity back in gear, please contact Bro. Larry Burbidge, or myself, to be a part of the Membership Committee or to become a Scottish Rite Ambassador.

We will succeed, together!

Ill. Duane Hugulet, 33°
Chairman, Orient of Oregon Membership Committee

Greetings Brethren,
Our leadership has asked Brother Duane Hugulet and myself to put our energies into building our Portland Valley attendance and membership. This is no small endeavor and will require a committed TEAM to accomplish. Who’s ready to join with us?
So far, our conversations have been about making phone calls to encourage current members to attend meetings, degrees, reunions, and other events. Remember, there is enormous value to be attained by attending each degree and even more by volunteering to be a cast or crew member. Also, we will be recruiting “Ambassadors” to visit lodges within our jurisdiction and spread the word about the opportunities to be found in Scottish Rite Masonry. We are encouraging feedback, comments, suggestions, and enthusiastic clamoring to join the TEAM!
At this point we are in the brainstorming phase, so all ideas will be appreciated and considered; snide comments come much later in the process.
Remember brothers, our fraternity is old and rich with history, tradition, opportunity, and fellowship. As we look back into our history, we observe countless examples of men growing into better men through selflessness and service. I believe that we can again build the Rite into a force in Masonry where Masons can come together, learn, grow, and enjoy the process.
Don’t forget that Duane and I are a couple of the old guys, and we will need an abundance of assistance with this project, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your enthusiastic ideas and HELP!
Have Fun Today, 
Bro. Larry Burbidge, 32°

July 2022 Message from the Deputy of the Orient of Oregon for the Supreme Council

Scottish Rite Brethren,

Although we are in the vacation season our masonic duties continue.

I am appointing Illustrious Ted Balestreri, 33°, as Chairman of the Education Committee. You all may know Illustrious Brother Ted from his various lectures and work on the University of Freemasonry program. I am fortunate enough to have a copy of his latest book “The Kadosh Garden of Kabbalistic Trees.”  

Now is the time to work diligently to fill the Orient Officer vacancies in our Valleys. Every Valley should have a Personal Representative, General Secretary, and Treasurer. I need recommendations from the Valleys to fill any of these vacancies as soon as possible.

To be consistent in our recent changes in leadership, all edicts issued in the Orient of Oregon are now rescinded. Edicts and decrees are usually only temporary, they are used to make quick executive changes which may be needed due to inadequate governing policies. We should all make an attempt to read our bylaws and articles of incorporation. If any member feels these are inadequate, an effort will be made to rewrite these policies.

I still need the event calendars from all Orient Valleys. If you need assistance, please contact me. The calendars should be sent to Nathan Neff at the Portland Valley in the form of a Google Calendar link.

Illustrious Dale Vanderpool, 33°, the Orient Personal Representative, will act as a technical resource for those Valleys who need assistance with using electronic media. This may include ZOOM, Go to Meeting, or other conferencing services. Also, inform Illustrious Brother Dale if you are need hardware or computer upgrades.

Please update your Valley’s Websites, information that is several years old is not helpful for sojourners or Master Masons who wish to visit or join your Valley.

All Valleys who have building associations need to send me their most recent Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Soon you will receive a message from our Membership Chairman, Illustrious Duane Hugulet, 33°. Illustrious Brother Duane will be coordinating membership training in the Orient which will be provided by the Supreme Council.

Enjoy your Summer!

Rick Komraus, 33°
Deputy – Orient of Oregon
Supreme Council, 33° | Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, USA
http://www.scottishrite.org | Deputy@orientsr.com

June 2022 Message from the Deputy of the Orient of Oregon for the Supreme Council

Scottish Rite Brethren,

It has been a great experience communicating with everyone in the few short weeks that I have been in the Office of Deputy of the Supreme Council. Unfortunately, this has taken much longer than expected. While there are issues to resolve, I probably talk too much.

As soon as possible I would like all Valley General Secretaries to send me an up-to-date list with contact information for all their Valley’s Orient appointed officers (i.e., PR, Secretary, and Treasurer, and any of their assistants), as well as the Valley’s elected and appointed officers. We also need a calendar of the Valley’s events and regular Stated Meetings which will be added to and sent out as part of the Orient Google Calendar. If you have any questions, please let me know. It is very important to bring our communications into the Twentieth Century.

If any Valley needs training in any area which may include Sentinel, Google, or computer skills please let me know. If there is a need for new equipment, we will find a way to supply this.

I am pleased to announce that I have appointed Illustrious Brother Duane Hugulet, 33°, as the Orient Membership Chairman to help with increasing membership and retention across the Orient.

I know many Valleys will be “dark” over the summer months, if there is still an opportunity for me to visit with you, please let me know.

It is a great pleasure serving the Orient of Oregon and all our inspiring members.

Rick Komraus
Deputy – Orient of Oregon
Supreme Council, 33° | Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, USA

New Deputy of the Orient of Oregon for the Supreme Council

Effective June 1, 2022, Illustrious Rick Komraus, 33°, of the Valley of Portland has been appointed as the new Deputy for the Orient of Oregon. Rick is a former Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Oregon, and he is looking forward to his new duties in the Orient. As one of his first actions he has appointed Illustrious Ron Eggers, 33°, of the Valley of Portland as the new Portland Valley Personal Representative. Ron is a former Grand Master of the Grand lodge of Oregon.

Rick and his Wife Georgi currently resides in Central Oregon. He is almost at the exact geographical center of Oregon.

A message from the new Deputy will soon follow.