Portland Valley Honoring the Grand Master


Greetings Brethren All,

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 the Portland Valley Scottish Rite will be having a Celebration to Honor Most Worshipful Brother James L. Morgan, the Grand Master of Masons in Oregon.

All Masons and their significant others are invited.
Banquet is just $20 per person, payable at the door.

The festivities will start with a Social at 6:00 pm and continue into the evening with a formal dinner at 7:00 pm.

Please contact the Valley Office for reservations for you and your guest by no later than Friday August 31st.

Email: officemanager@portlandsr.com

Brother Michael Adams 32° has passed away in Sun City Arizona on June 2nd


The roll of the workmen has been called, and one Master Mason, Brother Michael Adams, 32°, has not answered to his name. He has laid down the working tools of life and with them has left that mortal part for which he no longer has use. His labors here below have taught him to divest his heart and conscience of the vices and superfluity of life, thereby fitting his mind as a living stone for that spiritual building, that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Strengthened in his labors here by faith in God, and confident of expectation of immortality, he has been granted admission to the Celestial Lodge above.

Brother Adams passed away in Sun City Arizona on June 2nd. He was a member of West Wemyss Lodge No. 77 under the Grand Lodge of Scotland and a 41 year member of the Portland Valley Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

New Historical Essay by Bro. Michael Robinson 32° KCCH

History of the Eugene Scottish Rite Bodies


Willamette Lodge of Perfection #2 was Chartered on October 22, 1915. The change of name from the Willamette to the Eugene Lodge of Perfection was approved by the Supreme Council on October 22, 1947.

The James Richardson Chapter of Rose Croix[1] was also Chartered on October 22, 1915, the name was changed to the Eugene Chapter Knights of Rose Croix and was approved by the Supreme Council on October 16, 1945.

The Eugene Council of Knights Kadosh #2 was Chartered on October 20, 1921, and the Eugene Consistory was Chartered on October 16, 1923.

The first home of the Eugene Scottish Rite was in the building at 45 West 8th St. which was owned by Eugene City Lodge #11. The U.S. Post Office was on the ground floor and the Masonic Lodge was on the 2nd story. The Scottish Rite meet here from 1915 until 1926 when the Masons built a new building at 10th and Olive St. The Scottish Rite, like the Blue Lodge met here from 1926 until 1972. In 1972 Eugene Lodge moved to its current location at 2777 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.[2] At that time the Scottish Rite bought their own Temple at 1685 W. 13th St. This building had been owned by the Eugene Moose Lodge. [3] The Scottish Rite sold this building in /about 2010/ and moved over to McKenzie River Lodge #195, renovating a room in the basement for an office. An aging membership and no access to McKenzie River that didn’t involve stairs resulted to a move back to Eugene Lodge #11 where we started a hundred years earlier. The Eugene Valley Scottish Rite relocated to Eugene Lodge #11, in about 2014, where they currently meet.

The first Reunion Class met at the Eugene Lodge on March 5-6, 1920.

Eugene Valley first Reunion March 5-6 1920

6 1867 James B Underwood

James Benson Underwood


The first member of the Oregon Scottish Rite from Eugene was James Benson Underwood. J.B. Underwood was the 31st person to receive the degrees of the Scottish Rite from John C. Ainsworth 33°. Brother Underwood was born on September 18, 1838 in Ontario County, New York. He came to Oregon by ship leaving Angelica, New York, sailing around the Horn, arriving in 1859. He was Raised a Master Mason in Eugene City Lodge #11 on June 24, 1861. He was elected Master of the Lodge in 1867. J. B. was an attorney living in Eugene City when he received the Scottish Rite degrees 4°- 32° inclusive on December 18, 1871.

 This Brother was the first official Mayor of Eugene and was part of the City Council for many years. He was also a Miller and was the U.S. Postal Agent for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana under President U.S. Grant. Worshipful Brother Underwood died on August 3, 1882; he was only 44 years old. More details of the life of J.B. Underwood will be forthcoming.

Michael Robinson 32° KCCH Orient Historian, Eugene Valley Secretary

August 2, 2018


[1] James Richardson Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

[2] This address was originally 2777 Centennial Blvd.

[3] From a letter from Harold F. Draper Eugene Valley Secretary on September 24, 1980


Michael Robinson

About the author:

Michael D. Robinson 32° KCCH, was the second Master Mason Raised in Esoterika Lodge #227, and the first member Raised in that Lodge to serve as Worshipful Master. He was elected Master in 2013 and 2014, and currently serves as Historian. He is also Historian for Research Lodge #198 and Eugene Lodge #11 and District Deputy of District #13. Brother Robinson was appointed Historian of the Scottish Rite Orient of Oregon in December of 2014. He was the recipient of the “Novus Astorum” from the Portland Valley Scottish Rite in 2010, and the Hiram Award from Esoterika Lodge in 2012. In March of 2015 he was made Secretary of the Eugene Valley, and Director of the Work for that Valley in January of 2017.

Orient of Oregon Speech and Language Charity Helping Children

Oregon Scottish Rite has funded several summer programs (camps) for Speech and Language children at the University of Oregon.  If you would enjoy seeing how your investment is being used please contact for a visit.

RS12939_2016 08 02 SLP scottish rite, the duck and aac camp 1052 AJM_4112

RS12941_2016 08 02 SLP scottish rite, the duck and aac camp 1092 AJM_4152

RS12933_2016 08 02 SLP scottish rite, the duck and aac camp 752 AJM_3811

Andrea Olson, Associate Director of Stewardship
(541) 346-5943

Bill Anton
President Oregon Scottish Rite Speech & Language Charity

Finance Class part 1: How money is created and how it is destroyed. July 31st Portland Valley.


Tuesday July 31st at 6:00 pm the Portland Valley Scottish Rite will begin our series of Leadership Classes with Finance No. 1: How money is created and how it is destroyed, presented by Br. Larry Roberts, Portland Valley PR.

These classes and others are sanctioned by our S.G.I.G. in order to educate the current and future leaders of the Orient of Oregon in the various leadership disciplines. The first of these classes will be on the current Banking System and how money is created and destroyed through this fractional reserve system. The following months will include different subjects on leadership from various presenters so stay tuned to find out more.

The class will be approximately 1 hour depending upon the amount of questions. There will be an open book test.

Visiting Scottish Rite members welcome; as with all our events this is not open to the general public.