This Friday Coffee and Donuts at the Portland Valley Scottish Rite 10am


Greetings Brethren All,

Starting this Friday February 3rd at 10:00am the Portland Valley will once again begin hosting an informal event for members and Mason guests.

Come join us for Coffee & Donuts in the Membership Lounge!

This will be an excellent opportunity for any members who have difficulty getting down on Tuesdays evenings to come in, hangout and catch up on Fraternizing with fellow Brethren. We might even have a 33rd or two on hand to expound on the greater mysteries of the mystic bond. This will be a bi-weekly event, the next one to be held on Feb. 17.

Just a heads up to the early birds, there won’t be anyone available at the building until 10:00am just in case you typically like to show up early.

Bro. Nate Neff
Orient General Secretary