The Medford Valley Scottish Rite 10th Annual Spring Reunio

Scottish Rite photo

Bruce A. Kundert 32° KCCH Personal Representative Medford Valley Scottish Rite

The 10th Annual Medford Valley Spring Reunion for 2019 is in the books and we welcome our new candidates who, have made the decision to obtain further Masonic light through the degrees of the Scottish Rite.  The Scottish Rite is known as the University of Masonry and much Masonic light can be learned through these graphically portrayed ritualist degrees.  These Scottish Rite Reunions have long been considered a medium of instruction and the degrees presented at these Reunions instructs the candidate in various political, moral and religious philosophies embraced in the Rite.  They also expand upon and explain; the duties taught by the degrees presented.  These teaching are not a random collection of moral precepts but, are rather an organized and coherent system of doctrine relating to the perfectibility of human conduct.  It is our desire to make these degrees available to new candidates who are interested in obtaining further light in Masonry.  We hope that our efforts have been beneficial in that cause.

Thanks to all of the Valleys of Southern Oregon and the Brethren who participated in this our 10th Annual Reunion here in the Medford Valley.  Your efforts are very much appreciated and we hope that the Medford Valley provided a warm and inviting environment for all to do our work in spreading the philosophy, moral principles and ideals we espouse in our Scottish Rite to our new candidates.

These Reunions present a special opportunity for all Brethren of our great Rite to come together for fun and fellowship as we initiate our newest Candidates into the Masonic light obtained through these degrees as we journey with them as they make their journey towards the 32°, Master of the Royal Secret.

Again thank you to all who participated and we hope to see you again next year as we begin our second decade of Spring Reunion presentations here in the Medford Valley.

Bruce A. Kundert 32° KCCH
Personal Representative Medford Valley Scottish Rite

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