Portland Valley Club Night


Hello Brethren,

The Portland Valley Scottish Rite is introducing a new format and we’d like to extend an invitation to all of you. Club Night begins January 24th and will continue every 4th Tuesday of the month. Currently, there are 5 clubs. Additional clubs may be added in the future and we would like to hear suggestions. 3 of the 5 clubs are open to all masons while the other 2 are for Scottish Rite members. Below you’ll find a list of the current clubs being offered along with the contacts if you’d like more information.

Masonic Music Club:
Masonic Music Club is open to all Master Masons and observes a wide array of music styles and theories. Brothers will enjoy instruction on various instruments, technology and programing. The heart of the Club is to share and observe the diverse interests of our fraternity and grow together in our musical understanding.
Contact Isaac Pea

Speak Up:
Speak Up is a public speaking group geared toward improving presentation, ritual and acting skills. The club is open to all master masons.
Contact Walt Johnson

Investment Club:
Open to all master masons, Investment Club teaches basic investment skills in regard to stocks, bonds and various funds. After a period of instruction, an investment game will begin with a “pretend” account.
Contact Craig Wilcox

Scottish Rite University:
Open to Scottish Rite members, the Scottish Rite University will observe and reflect on Scottish Rite degrees, literature and symbolism.
Contact Larry Roberts

Qabalah Club:
Qabalah Club is open to all Scottish Rite members. The club will observe and reflect on kabalistic literature, history and symbolism.
Contact Erik Arneson

Thank you,
Craig Wilcox
Portland Valley Club Committee Chairman

For more information please contact:    officemanager@portlandsr.com

3 thoughts on “Portland Valley Club Night

    • Hello Ken, feel free to contact Nate and he will give you the contact information. I didn’t want to post members email addresses and phone numbers on the internet.

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